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Established in 1901, Golden Gate University is one of the oldest private universities in California, with hundreds and thousands of students from various countries enrolling each year. For the convenience of working adults, Golden Gate University offers high quality, flexible online degrees and courses at an affordable price. 

What’s more? 

Our main campus is close to some of the top companies in the world, such as Meta, Twitter, Apple, and Salesforce. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the top benefits you can enjoy at GGU. Furthermore, this article will also highlight some of the insights shared by our online learners. 

Things To Expect At Golden Gate University

Below are some of the top benefits GGU provides to all its students. 


Golden Gate University believes in providing the utmost guidance to all its students to kickstart their journey into the professional world. That’s why our team of experts is available to assist you with your queries and give valuable advice in return. Our advising services are available from admission to graduation and beyond.

Career Support 

At Golden Gate University, we provide a wide variety of career services for all our students and alumni members. These might include, career consulting, where you get the chance to have an one-on-one interaction with career consultants, on-demand workshops, and employer informational sessions, among others. We also have a special job search application designed for international students, to help get the best employment opportunities available.  


Researchers indicate that as many as 95 million Indians in the workforce, currently do not have access to quality higher education. We at GGU, believe that no individual, be it a student or a working professional should be denied the opportunity to get high quality education due to lack of resources. That is why we run a special Global Leadership Scholarship Program, meant to encourage our next leaders!

Student Life At GGU

Student life at GGU is not only informative but also quite vibrant, with lots of different communities that serve different needs. GGU also has a special program designed specifically for GGU alumni. The Alumni Engagement program is committed to offer exceptional opportunities to alumni at any stage of their careers, proving how GGU deems each learner to be a valuable asset to their institution. 

Here are some things that help GGU to maintain a positive and growing environment for all the students. 

Student Government

At GGU, we have a student oriented organisation called Student Government Association, also referred to as SGA. The main aim of this body is to represent the various needs and interests of the students in all kinds of situations. It is the bridge between the administration and the students. 

Student Clubs

At GGU, we not only help our students achieve excellence in academics but also strive hard to teach them how to embrace ethics and diversity. For that reason, we have various Student Academic and Cultural clubs that aim to facilitate communication and socialisation among students and outside the classroom as well. The said clubs actively participate in and organise diverse in-person and online workshops and conferences, wherein students interact with several industry experts from different fields, thus obtaining distinct learning and networking opportunities.


Last but not least is our bookstore which has a wide range of different student supplies, as well as GGU-branded apparel and other merchandise. You also get the advantage of either renting or ordering books online from our Golden Gate University bookstore. 

For more information, do not forget to check out the website. You will get all the relevant contact information on the official Golden Gate University website. 

Accessible Education For All

Golden Gate University also has special programs for students with disabilities. Accommodations for the said students are usually provided on a case-by-case basis. Some might include electronic texts, real-time captioners, transcription services, and recording devices. However, to avail of these benefits, you must apply for them during the initial registration and verification process. 

Career Services at GGU and upGrad

Golden Gate University boasts of more than a hundred years of experience in helping working professionals upskill in their relevant field of interests. We offer a wide range of services such as online, weekend and night classes, for each of our professional learners so they can manage their work and study in a simple and peaceful manner. In fact, almost 90% of the students at GGU are over the age of 25 years. On that note, here are some of the many career services that you can expect at GGU. 

Career Consulting

At GGU, we provide one-to-one counselling appointments, with some of the best career consultants for all kinds of support in your career. These include, networking skills, interviewing techniques, salary negotiations and job searching, among others. 


Our prime focus at GGU is to help professionals improve their networking skills required to connect with experts from different industries. That is why, we organise a variety of networking and informational sessions, every year, so that our learners can further enhance their networking expertise. 

Career Resources

Get access to valuable online resources such as company reviews, and on-demand webshops only at GGU. We also have a specific application designed specially for our international students to assist them in their journey of finding their dream job. 

Jobs And Internships

Last but definitely not least, at GGU you also get the golden opportunity to connect with employers belonging to some of the top companies in the world. We work day and night closely with these employers, to help our students get leading career opportunities with lucrative advantages. Furthermore, we also provide assistance to land on-campus opportunities, which allows you to experience campus life. 

What Others Have To Say About the GGU Experience

At Golden Gate University, we ensure clear and transparent communication between all our students and the administration. Therefore, here is a list of some of the reviews to understand what our online learners have to say!


With the advent of the pandemic, the mode of imparting education has changed drastically. Be it university or college, various educational institutions are struggling to offer the optimum level of education to all their students. We at GGU boast nearly 30+ years of experience in getting online education right. We offer virtual courses and remote learning with the help of various technologies, such as Zoom, Panopto, VidGrid, and Microsoft, among others. We offer graduate and undergraduate courses across various fields, such as business administration, law, accounting, finance, and human resources, among others. We strive hard to fulfil all your academic needs in the best way possible. 


Q1: What makes Golden Gate University so popular?

Answer: Established in 1901, Golden Gate University is a private educational institution located in San Francisco. It is the oldest private university in California and is known for its excellent academic programs and financial aid. It specialises in educating professionals across various fields, such as accounting, law, business administration, and finance, among others.

Q2: Is GGU good for Management and Law

Answer: Golden Gate Universities is one of the oldest private institutions in California, which also means it is one of the most authentic and trusted universities. They provide some top-notch courses on business administration and law, with various benefits such as 70% scholarship, excellent placement support and consistent guidance from industry experts.

Q3: How does GGU offer online courses to its students?

Answer: GGU follows several course formats to accommodate all its students’ preferences and learning styles. Typically, there are two ways in which GGU conducts online courses, namely synchronous and asynchronous formats. In the former one, students get to enjoy live sessions with industrial experts, while the latter format focuses more on the preferences of the students. They are given the flexibility to choose their own time and attend the course-related classes accordingly.


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