Advantages Of Pursuing A Global MBA Degree

Pooja Talapatra

Global MBA can be described as a post-graduate program that focuses on imparting knowledge, skills, and training to potential candidates in international business. One of the main ways a global MBA differs from other MBA degrees is the structure of the curriculum. Contrary to most other MBA programs, the curriculum of a global MBA is vastly diverse and offers international recruitment opportunities for all students. Furthermore, it also opens the door to a wide range of network opportunities as students interact with other like-minded candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

Before we delve further into the advantages of getting a global MBA, let’s first understand its importance. 

Why Global MBA?

With more and more start-up enterprises emerging globally, the demand for qualified managers with business acumen and excellent organizational skills has also increased. This, alongside the numerous work advantages and a growing interest in the corporate world, has made the MBA degree highly coveted among today’s masses. 

However, you need more than just an MBA degree to become a successful business executive. You must have a strong educational background and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in the global market. This is where a global MBA degree comes into play. 

It not only prepares you for demanding real-world activities, but you also get to receive training and instruction from diverse faculty members in managing worldwide businesses. Candidates are taught all the nuances of how national and multinational firms operate and get to be a part of a broad and culturally diverse student body. 

It opens doors to numerous career opportunities in the country and abroad. The average salary of a global MBA graduate is currently estimated at $ 104,000 per annum. 

Advantages of Global MBA

Below are some of the top benefits one can avail of with a global MBA degree.

Immense Scope Of Learning

The curriculum of a global MBA course mainly focuses on all the different aspects of how international business functions and expands. It hoards a wide range of subjects that enables aspirants to enhance their business and management understanding as well as interpersonal skills. Some of the topics usually covered under a global MBA program include international accounting, international strategic management, and general management, among others. It widens the scope of exposure to the global business community and prepares individuals to develop a successful career in international business. 


Networking is yet another crucial skill not just required in the business industry but also across other various sectors. With a global MBA degree, you get to interact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and international business players, building a strong network, which you can later use to benefit you. 

Apart from this, you also get to develop insightful knowledge of different languages, ethics, and traditions, thus emerging as a more sensitive, empathetic individual. All these skills are highly valued, especially for teamwork, since you will have to interact with people from different backgrounds in a work environment. 

Employment Opportunities

A typical global MBA program comes with a plethora of lucrative employment opportunities on a national and international level. In many cases, students usually travel abroad, searching for high-paying jobs. However, with a global MBA degree, you can save a lot of both time and money to land a high job position in the international corporate space. Furthermore, it also instills a sense of confidence in every candidate, which is paramount, especially while working in the business sector of any country. 

Some of the top companies across the world that are primarily known for hiring international MBA graduates include Deloitte, Cognizant, Capgemini, Wipro, Accenture, and Goldman Sachs, among others. 

Credibility and Recognition

Last but not least, one significant advantage of pursuing a global MBA degree from a reputed university or business school is that it increases your credibility in the eyes of recruiters. At any job interview, candidates with a global MBA degree are automatically given more preference than their competitors since it reflects the hard work and trustworthiness of the candidates. 

Job Opportunities After MBA In Global Business

As stated earlier, MBA Global Business graduates are hired by some of the top companies worldwide, such as Accenture, Walmart, and Capgemini, among others. Furthermore, the knowledge, business acumen, and information that comes alongside this program also lets students choose any geographical location where they want to grow professionally. 

This trend of international hiring has increased manifold over the years. In fact, researchers state that the Middle East (52%), and Western Europe (40%), are two of the well-known regions that are exclusively known for hiring international candidates. On that note, here are some of the many job roles you can apply for with an MBA in Global Business. 

Job RolesAverage Salary Estimate
Export Coordinator$43,911 per annum
Administrative Service Manager$67945 per annum
Management Analyst$93,000 per annum
International Finance Manager$94357 per annum
Logistics Manager$114,282 per annum
Chief Executive Officer$814,273 per annum

Please note that these are not the only options that you can claim with your global MBA degree. Apart from these, there are also multiple career opportunities that you can explore in the fields of foreign exchange management, international logistics, international marketing, and investment banking, among others. 


This brings us to an end of what is a global MBA and the diverse global MBA benefits. Hopefully, this has cleared all your doubts and concerns regarding the same. Besides financial stability, this degree ensures the development of all the necessary skill sets and knowledge required to thrive in the corporate world. Furthermore, with a global MBA course, students also get access to a lot of exposure, and practical experience, both of which are considered highly valuable by some of the top business moguls. To sum it all up, a global MBA degree can turn out to be a worthy investment if you are willing to put in the hard work and effort that it demands. 

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Q1: Is a Global MBA worth it?

A global MBA program prepares candidates with all the necessary knowledge to analyze business situations and interact with business experts accurately. It is considered highly valuable, across various countries worldwide, such as the USA, and India, among others. Furthermore, it also offers numerous benefits to aspirants, such as excellent career prospects, high-paying jobs, and a competitive edge over other candidates. Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind, it can be safe to say that a Global MBA degree is definitely worth it. 

Q2: Is the Global MBA better than the General MBA?

Unlike a general MBA, a Global MBA program is specifically designed to expand one’s knowledge beyond a regional focus. It follows a diverse curriculum that focuses on all the nuances of how multinational enterprises function and grow their businesses. Along with that, it also helps candidates develop excellent communication skills, as they get to interact with diverse people from different backgrounds while simultaneously providing them with a global perspective as well. 

Q3: What can I do after MBA Global?

Upon completing the Global MBA degree, students are presented with many career options and business opportunities. Those, who wish to set up their own business someday, can achieve the same, with the newly acquired skills and knowledge, as well as a strong network. Others can apply for several job roles, such as International Sales Director, International Business Analyst, and International Buyer, among others. Each position comes with its own set of duties and lucrative benefits. 



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