MBA in Marketing: Exploring High-Paying Career Options

Anand Ganapathy

With 96% of global Fortune 100 companies.1 aiming to attract skilled MBA graduates under their wing, the significance of an MBA degree proves itself globally. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after master’s degrees in the world (MBA), and its ever-present demand speaks for itself. The MBA program assists students in grasping, learning about, and being familiar with the various business sectors where employers require excellent management.

The MBA has undergone numerous improvements over the years, including numerous specializations. However, following the rise of the retail, FMCG, entertainment, and media industry, MBA in Marketing is emerging as a popular specialization among candidates. 

Along with being a lucrative domain, an MBA in Marketing tests creativity, leading millions of candidates to step into the domain. Let’s explore how you can be a part of this fast-moving industry and bag high-paying marketing roles after MBA!

MBA in Marketing

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing is a degree focused on the marketing industry with specialized subjects like marketing management, consumer behavior, and marketing strategies. Even while marketing is a required subject for most MBA degrees, you will spend a significant amount of time researching marketing in depth when pursuing this degree. 

Future of MBA

A career after MBA in Marketing seems to be as bright for candidates as any other top-ranking MBA specialization like finance or operations. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics2 projects massive employment growth in various management occupations between 2020 to 2030, adding around 883,900 new jobs. Along with providing learners with leadership and management abilities to improve their professional prospects, marketing jobs after MBA also come with a high salary.

Another research conducted in September 2022 by the Association of MBAs3 states that nearly two-thirds of MBA graduates landed their dream job within six months of earning their degree, proving the inexhaustible demand for skilled marketing professionals. It also states that about 70% of the graduates earn this degree to polish their skills and gain more knowledge, and the percentage of these students will keep increasing in the near future, making it a future-ready industry!

Top Career Options after MBA in Marketing

MBA, being one of the most sought-after degrees, experiences a massive demand among top recruiters. Job after MBA marketing in domains like retail, investment banking, hotel, media, etc., are readily available to graduates adding to its popularity. Here is the breakdown of the different hierarchy levels of marketing and the relevant high paying career options–

  • Coordinator / Specialist
  • Manager
  • Director,
  • Vice President/Chief 

Coordinator / Specialist

This is the first level of the hierarchy, an entry-level job best for freshers. Coordinators and specialists are needed in all marketing tasks, including public relations, events, and marketing. Individuals in these positions carry out the tactical aspects of a marketing strategy. Here are the different roles a candidate can apply for –

Marketing Specialist

According to a report by GMAC4, about 18% of MBA freshers are working as Marketing Specialists. The job roles include –

  • Putting an organization’s various marketing strategies into action.
  • Directing campaigns for advertising, social media, websites, email, or other aspects of the marketing mix. 
  • Acting as proofreaders, polishing their department’s work and ensuring it emerges in the correct place at the appropriate time.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 6,00,000 pa
USA (USD)$58,275 pa

Social Media Specialist

Social media coordinators manage a company’s social media profiles. Their different job roles include –

  • Taking charge of developing engaging posts and other material to convey a firm’s announcements, thoughts, community partnerships, and other pertinent information.
  • Interacting with followers with the intention of building a relationship that will lead to client loyalty.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 4,00,000 pa
USA (USD)$54,982 pa

Event Marketing Specialist

The event marketing industry is said to grow by 13.48% by 2028. The report5 suggests that the industry, valued at $1,135.4 billion in 2019, is expected to grow to $2,194.4 billion by 2028. The job roles for an Event Marketing Specialist include –

  • Leading the event and tradeshow strategy for a company, which includes, but is not limited to, identifying essential events, internal management training for attendees (elevator pitch, demos, etc.), maintaining pre- and post-show communication, and event attendance.
  • Collaborating with the director of marketing to plan sponsored events.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 8,30,000 pa
USA (USD)$46,840 pa


After three to five years of work experience as a coordinator or specialist, a student can advance to a management position. Managers have a more direct responsibility in developing a company’s marketing strategy. This might include formulating strategies and organizational messaging for public communication. The most popular managerial positions a candidate can apply for are –

Brand Manager

According to a report by Zippia6, about 17% of brand managers hold a Master in Business Administration degree. With the growing industry, the need for more qualified brand managers also increases. The job roles of a brand manager include –

  • Overseeing an organization’s image and what it represents in the eyes of the general public. 
  • Comprehending the traits that characterize their firm and resonate with current and future consumers, as well as the outside world. 
  • Ensuring that products and services are consistent with brand values in all aspects, from product design and packaging to marketing efforts.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 11,50,000
USA (USD)$77,866

Public Relations Manager

Being a public relations manager is not a cakewalk. The reputation of the company is in their hands. Their job roles include –

  • Keeping in touch with the news media. 
  • Working to have their organization’s news and individuals published in newspapers, television stations, internet media sources, radio stations, and other news channels.
  • Taking care of consumer feedback to work on campaigns in the future.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 7,00,000
USA (USD)$117,525


To advance to the rank of director in a marketing hierarchy, a candidate must have seven to ten years of work experience in a marketing department. A master’s degree in marketing, management, communications, public relations, or business administration may also be required. As directors, they will lead others in the marketing department’s tasks. The most popular director roles are –

Advertising Director

This is one of the roles that are highest in demand. Their job roles include –

  • Shaping the course of an organization’s advertising campaign in both strategic and tactical ways. 
  • Campaign planning, messaging development, budget management, data analysis, and negotiating reasonable fees with outlets.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 32,00,000
USA (USD)$182,133

Marketing Communications Director

This is a very important position in the company. The job roles include –

  • Bringing the concepts and strategies of the wider marketing organization to reality.
  • Overseeing the creation of different promotional materials such as marketing collateral, sell sheets, email campaigns, brochures, and films.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 32,00,000
USA (USD)$178,506

Executive / Chief

A Master’s degree in business administration or a related area is required to advance to the most senior levels in marketing departments. After 10 to 15 years of experience, a candidate can advance to the rank of vice president, depending on the organization. As marketing executives, they oversee all aspects of their department’s operation, keep budgets on track, and set strategic direction. The highest in demand role is –

Chief of Marketing

This is an important role in the company as the entire reputation of the company depends on their work. Their job roles include –

  • Taking charge of developing and maintaining an organization’s brand via the use of all marketing vehicles available to them.
  • Advertising, social media, public relations, graphic design, customer relationships, and managing digital marketing through email campaigns, signage, and other creative responsibilities are often overseen by them. 

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 35,00,000
USA (USD)$341,815


Vice President of Marketing

One of the highest positions of the company. Here are the responsibilities of this job role–

  • Improving the organization’s digital economy levers. 
  • Managing communications and branding throughout the web, including desktop and mobile, as well as using the benefits of social media, SEO, and digital advertising. 
  • Assessing campaign efficacy.

The average salary –

India (INR)INR 35,80,000
USA (USD)$210,000

How to Prepare for MBA Marketing Job 

You must begin preparing for MBA marketing job roles right after completing your MBA program. Here are some tips that will help you land a job here –

MBA Internship – In courses like the MBA, where practical experience is crucial, internships play a critical role in helping you obtain ample practical expertise. Internships extend a chance to sharpen skill sets while enabling candidates to widen their professional network by meeting seniors and industry professionals at work. 

Academic Excellence – A strong academic background will undoubtedly help you succeed regardless of your work field. High test scores and a wealth of knowledge open doors for you to land the job of your dreams. The majority of the time, recruiters focus on your test scores first. Hence, presenting a strong resume can be a great way to solidify your image as a skilled candidate. 


An MBA degree’s growing significance is helping millions obtain the job of their dreams. However, an MBA in Marketing can equip you with in-demand skills and expertise only if you opt for a reliable course and institute. Professional accreditation, high rank, student support, a dynamic course curriculum with in-demand skills, and an expert faculty are some prerequisites for applying for an MBA in Marketing. Fortunately, San Francisco’s leading institute, the Golden Gate University, offers one such course!

The Master of Business Administration offered by GGU is ranked number 1 by the Washington Monthly and is also accredited by WASC/WES. This comprehensive MBA program allows you to choose your specialization according to your field of interest. It offers personalized industry interactions with experienced professionals, in-demand skills, 24/7 student support services, a flexible mode of learning, and a lot more to enhance your learning experience.

Enrol now and take the first step towards your dream marketing job!


  1. What is the best course after MBA in Marketing?

A couple of courses are available for you to choose from after completing an MBA in Marketing – Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, Google Digital Marketing Courses, Inbound Marketing Certification Course, and Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.

  1. Is there a high demand for MBAs in Marketing?

Every industry, including IT, retail, hospitality, media, and banking, is in need of marketing experts. Most of all, people who want to work in media, entertainment, and advertising post their MBA in marketing degrees are in greater demand. 

  1. Is MBA in Marketing a stressful course?

MBA is a demanding field, and all aspects of it, including marketing, will undoubtedly be stressful. Understanding the tools available during your course, your program objectives, and the career path you want to choose must be clear to you to make your course journey less stressful and more valuable!

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