Top MBA in Marketing Project Topics and Ideas for Beginners [2023]

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MBA, or Masters of Business Administration in Marketing, is typically a 2-year program that prepares students for different career options in marketing. Post-completion, candidates can obtain roles such as brand manager, marketing manager, and sales manager, among others, in the industry. It is currently considered one of the most sought-after fields1 following the numerous advantages and benefits it offers applicants. 

The following article takes you through many reasons why MBA in marketing is so popular. We will also share a list of interesting research topics in marketing for MBA to help you strengthen your resume towards better opportunities. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why MBA in Marketing?

Before delving into the various marketing MBA project topics, let’s look at some factors that have led to the huge demand for this field in today’s technology-driven world.

Explore New Career Paths

An MBA in marketing prepares you with all the necessary skills to land a management or executive position at a reputed company. Even if you decide to shift from one career path to another, gaining these new skills can benefit you in the long run.

Develop Insights On Consumer Trends

Marketing is an indispensable part of any business. Without it, many businesses would not even survive. Earning an MBA degree in Marketing will not only help to understand how the market functions but also provide a deep insight into the latest consumer trends. It provides aspirants with all the necessary skills required to start a brand or manage an existing brand. 

Experience Job Security

Today’s job market is turbulent, more than ever. Everyone fears being left out in this rat race to land the perfect job. An MBA in Marketing can prove to be handy in such scenarios since it prepares you with skills that are considered to be valuable by corporates. Therefore, even if you leave your job, your qualifications will stay with you, thus increasing your chances of returning to the work-life more quickly.

Enjoy Lucrative Opportunities

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of getting an MBA degree in Marketing is that it opens doors to lucrative packages and benefits. In fact, the average salary of MBA marketing graduates is considered to be $101,174, one of the highest in the industry. Some of the most reputed companies in the world, such as Amazon, Deloitte, Google, and Nike, are looking to hire MBA graduates from reputed business schools and extend lucrative offers to obtain talented professionals. 

Top MBA Project Topics In Marketing

Hands-on experience in marketing will boost your growth from an amateur to a professional, and working on marketing MBA project topics can be an excellent way to do so!

With that being said, here are some of the latest marketing project topics for MBA students.

Website Analysis With SEO Tools

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most crucial parts of digital marketing and can turn out to be a great project idea, especially for beginners. It involves using various SEO tools to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website, thus resulting in better visibility.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is yet another critical area of digital marketing. It enables brands to better understand their customers so that they can make insightful decisions accordingly. You can focus on several areas in google analytics, such as social media analysis, website analysis, and application analysis.

Benefits of Coupon Code-Based Promotions

Promotion through coupon codes is one of the most successful strategies adopted by brand owners to attract consumers to their products or services. Digital coupons, in particular, have led to a significant increase both in sales, as well as usage of websites. A study regulated on the same can help you highlight how it targets customers toward successful transactions. 

Role Of Personal Selling On Customer Acquisition

Personal selling refers to the direct contact between a customer and a seller. It is one of the most widely used sales techniques to promote a particular product or service. On the other hand, customer acquisition refers to acquiring new customers or turning existing prospects into potential buyers. 

Customer Satisfaction Report of SMM

In today’s world, social media is not just used for connecting with friends and families. It has become an essential tool in marketing and is being used dramatically by business owners to sell their products and services. A project on social media marketing can draw great light on the significance of this marketing strategy. 

Use of SEMrush

SEMrush is a comprehensive platform that provides all the necessary tools required for keyword research, social media marketing (SMM), competitive research, and campaign management. Taking up a project in this area can prove to be beneficial for digital marketing professionals.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

The ongoing debate between traditional and digital marketing is never-ending. The former involves marketing through broadcast media, such as television or radio, and print media, such as newspapers or magazines. This can turn out to be one of the best marketing MBA project topics, especially for beginners. 

A Study on Instagram Campaigns

Among the many social media platforms available, Instagram is one of the most popular ones. Instagram’s growing popularity and ad campaigns have made it a crucial tool for every organization. Creating a project on this topic will give that much-needed boost to your resume while allowing you to enhance your knowledge about the marketing tactics implemented by digital marketers on the platform. 

Role Of Customer Satisfaction In Digital Marketing

As the saying goes, a satisfied customer is a long-lasting customer. It only helps a business grow but also ensures its sustainability in the long run. Therefore, more and more brands are trying to devise effective strategies to understand the needs and demands of their target audience and fulfill them accordingly. 

Use of Google Ads

Google Ads is currently one of the best techniques for generating leads. If the campaigns are run properly, they can drive sales and customers to your website. Creating a project based on the same would enable you to grasp the workings of this platform in depth. 

A Comprehensive Study On The Impact Of Celebrity Endorsements On Consumer Buying Behavior

Celebrity endorsements have been a long-used tactic by marketers to evoke excitement in consumers by showing them a famous and admirable face. With the help of celebrity endorsements, brands can increase awareness, familiarity, and trust, all of which are important in the purchase decision-making process.

A Study on the ROI Of Digital Marketing Agencies

ROI, or Return on Investment, refers to the amount of profit or loss yielded by campaigns. If it is a positive ROI, then it indicates that the money brought in by successful campaigns or events is more than the amount invested. A negative ROI indicates that the money spent after campaigns or events is more than that generated from the same.

A Study On The Importance Of Content Writing And Blogging

For those with a knack for writing, this project idea can turn out to be quite fruitful and interesting. It involves an in-depth study of the reasons behind the growing popularity of content writing, such as customer retention and increasing brand awareness. On the other hand, blogging is one of the essential marketing strategies that provide both consumers and brand owners with the necessary information to drive the promotion of the brand.

A Study On The Impact of Promotional Activities On Consumers’ Behaviors At Shopping Malls

In today’s dynamic environment, shopping malls are increasingly using various promotional activities through brand communication to set themselves apart from the competition.  A study of these various strategies that help stimulate merchandise purchases or increase visits can be quite an interesting marketing project topic for beginners. 


Projects are an integral part of the learning process, whether you opt for MBA in Marketing or any other discipline. It helps to bridge the gap between academia and industry, guiding you to strengthen your skills with practical implementation. Hopefully, the list mentioned above, consisting of the top Marketing project topics for MBA students, has provided you with all the necessary help. 

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Q1. Can you get jobs easily after MBA?

Ans: With an MBA degree, you get to explore various job opportunities, such as Business Development Manager, HR Manager, Marketing, Banking and Finance, and IT Manager, among others.

Q2: Are there any benefits of doing an MBA in marketing?

Ans: Yes, an MBA degree in marketing bears a lot of advantages for students. Some of them might include learning in-demand skills by corporations, such as analytical, problem-solving, and business skills, among others. Furthermore, it also helps you land various job opportunities with lucrative compensation packages and benefits.

Q3: How do I choose the right project?

Ans: Finding the right project topics for MBA marketing to boost your career can be quite tedious, given the plethora of online options. Therefore, the best way to do this is by first narrowing down the topic to an area relevant to your specialization. It is also recommended to select those topics that provide a powerful motive. 

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