5 things to look for in an online MBA in the US

Anand Ganapathy

When the pandemic struck the entire world, almost 90% of educational institutes and other organisations began adapting to an online education mode and jumped from traditional face-to-face learning to online environments. MBA courses have also been integrated into online education for the past few years. Reaping benefits from such curated online courses can help you become an effective industry professional in your relevant field of interest. 

Becoming a business administration personnel requires critical thinking skills and an informed mindset to deal with analytical problems. You can get these skills by studying MBA in the US from any globally-accepted college. However, there are certain factors you must consider before opting for an MBA program. 

Let’s go over them below:

Top features to look for in an MBA program before enrolling (H2)

    1. Cost of attendance and scholarship programs

    It’s fair to say that education does not come off cheap. The fee program for various courses has risen to an all-time high. Therefore, it’s smart to check the total cost of tuition and attendance before getting into an MBA course. However, just because the course is online does not mean you won’t have to bear additional expenses. 

    Several colleges offer scholarships and other grants for learners who require financial aid. All you have to do is contact the college authorities, and they’ll get back to you with the details you need to apply for a scholarship. While applying for an MBA in the US can get significantly heavy on your pocket, Golden Gate University grants easy access through its online courses!

    2. Check Accreditation

    Accreditation institutions are individual agencies that cross-check all the different parts of an MBA program, ranging from retention, graduation rates, alumni satisfaction, and curriculum. Representatives of such accreditation institutions visit the college and analyse given parameters to decide if a college’s programs effectively create highly skilled business people.

    Your choice of college should be able to give quality instructions to help students graduate easily. Accreditation representatives note all this information to ensure an MBA course meets accreditation standards. There are several regional institutions responsible for handling accreditation in the USA. 

    One such regional organisation responsible for accrediting top-notch universities is WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). They handle accreditations to regional universities in California and Hawaii. Some of the most prestigious global colleges accredited by WASC are Stanford, Berkeley, and San Jose University.

      3. Choose the right course curriculum

      Once you’ve checked all the accreditations for a certain MBA program, you should figure out what type of online MBA course you want to join. We recommend choosing a course that features real-life meetups and campus activities so that you can make connections with like-minded people. In addition, going with such a course will complement and support your future career goals. Choose a subject you’re confident in. 

      However, that’s not all. You should also check out the course curriculum to know what subjects and skills you’ll be dealing with. Go over different study references and courses that provide specific niche knowledge you can use very easily. From offered MBA in the US to Doctor of Business Administration, a plethora of courses can be explored online. 

      The next step is knowing if the skills and knowledge offered by a specific MBA course match the current industry requirements. MBA is mostly about gaining practical ideas through networking, making new associates and inheriting new experiences. Therefore, you must check if your college’s skills and features match your requirements. Ask which colleges offer internship opportunities, group assessments, live interactive sessions and guidance from leading industry experts and veterans. Several online MBA courses also offer alumni statuses,  additional access to academic content, and the same values and degrees offered to offline learners.      

      These things are very important to keep in mind before opting for an online MBA program. Always remember that every course information is available online. So check every little information beforehand and make the most of your MBA journey! 

        4. Check for career opportunities

        90% of students enrolled in an MBA degree are working employees who want to upscale their careers. Therefore, placement opportunities and career support are among the most important factors you should keep in mind while choosing a business school if you want to embark on a long-lasting successful career. 

        Consider choosing an MBA course from a business school that offers placements and internships. This is because the competition for a job in this subject is fierce. Getting a good work experience from any recognised company can help you land your dream job. Research more about the sectors and the job positions that could interest you in the future. 

        Selecting a curriculum that suits your career goals and interests can help you become aware of your specialisations. Doing this will ensure that you are going in the right direction to a dream career. Research more about the hiring partners to get a good idea about how much salary you can expect. You can also learn a great deal about the nature of different job descriptions and other related information about MBA job opportunities. 

        Some institutions also offer student support systems online to assist you with professional resumes and interview training. Such features can help you prepare for any relevant job description. Hence, colleges with a better placement rate and reputation can boost your chances of bagging your dream MBA job.  

          5. Flexible online system

          Online courses have become increasingly popular as they allow students to study and prepare whenever they want. For instance, GGU’s MBA in the US offers flexible class timings and exams for students from all parts of the world, i.e. (you can sit for an exam according to your availability). As a result, don’t forget to read more about the flexibility details, as it can help you use your time efficiently. 

          Today, leading online MBA programs offer two main flexible learning patterns. Let’s go over them in the following pointers.

            1. Asynchronous class mode:

            There are no set timetables for this mode of online MBA classes. Students can study this course at their own pace using pre-recorded class sessions from leading industry experts. In addition, if a student faces difficulties, they can seek help from the discussion forums and teachers according to their preference.

              2. Synchronous class mode:

              Contrary to asynchronous classes, synchronous classes have a proper timetable set for live online university classes. Missing these classes will disable you from getting any attendance. Therefore attending these classes according to the timetable is mandatory. However, if you still miss any classes due to a problem, you can access the live recording file by contacting the college authorities. Though, chances are you will miss out on interactive discussions when you don’t attend synchronous classes.  

              In addition, most universities offer a mix of both systems to cultivate a learning environment. Live classes, support systems, peer connections, and live interactive sessions can give you all the relevant technical and practical knowledge you need to succeed as a business student. Some colleges also allow students to submit assignments and take exams according to their preferable timings.                

              How to excel in Business administration?

              Do you wish to become a part of the business administration umbrella? Consider availing Master in Business administration offered by Golden Gate University to embark on a dream career. San Francisco’s leading institute is one of the finest in business, considering they offer both online and offline education patterns to their students. 

              By pursuing this course, you will also get alumni status and a WES-recognised course, which means that most global institutions will recognise you. In addition, you will also have access to capstone projects and case studies. Such projects and experiences can help you build the best portfolio. Golden gate university also offers different scholarship programs and flexible payment options for their online MBA programs. This exclusive online MBA program concentrates on the most vital subjects in Business administration, such as marketing, finance, adaptive leadership, and business analytics. Additionally, you can choose from a general concentration subject that lets you specialise in one discipline from the listed above. These features are available under one course from this exclusive online master’s degree. 

              Check out the course page to learn more!

              In a Nutshell,

              Understanding the various facets of online MBA programs before enrolling can give you a good idea of what you can expect while studying. Pursuing online MBA programs can give you a career boost and offer opportunities. A popular study in 2020 concluded that MBA graduates are more likely to become successful business leaders, expert managers and so on. Therefore, prior research can lead you to make better career decisions. 

              Lastly, going for an MBA can benefit your long-term career dreams. However, make sure your plans are flexible, which will help keep your options open. In addition, completing an MBA course will show that you are determined and keen to improve your skills. Apart from that, you will also have a greater sense of the global market with a strong business awareness.


              1. How much salary can I expect after completing the MBA course?

              One of the main reasons why an MBA course attracts so many students is because of its possibility of high-paying job positions. In 2022, it was found that the average pay for an MBA graduate in India is Rs 4 lakh to 32 lakhs.

              1. What makes an online MBA program good?

              A working-professional-friendly platform with a curriculum covering all the relevant sections of business administration can effectively create successful MBA graduates. 

              1. Can I attend classes whenever I want?

              Most colleges offer asynchronous classes that offer flexible timings. Under this mode of classes, you can study at your own pace.  

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