5 tips to find the right online program for you

Anand Ganapathy

With the advent of Covid 19, more and more educational institutes have turned to online mode to deliver education. The lockdown period has also provided individuals with several opportunities to focus on their hobbies and undeveloped skills. Although online courses have their own pros and cons, they offer an exceptional way to learn something new if done correctly. According to researchers, the retention capability of students has increased by 60%, with online education, compared to physical or in-person classes. One of the main reasons behind this is flexibility. 

When learners have more control over their learning schedule, they automatically learn and perform better. Furthermore, with online learning, you always have the opportunity to go back to review material you think needs a bit more practice. The benefits of online learning go on and on. From LLM to DBA, many online courses are currently available online. Choosing the right one for you can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with the same.

The following article will teach tips and tricks for choosing the right online program. 

How To Get The Right Online Course

Here are some of the most important things you need to know to select the right online course for yourself.

Choose Your Preference

As stated earlier, numerous courses are available online. Some might match your preferences; others might not. Therefore, select the one you feel is the right for your career growth. It can be either related to your profession or your hobby. For instance, after working for years within an organisation, you hope to upskill yourself with the right business skills, then the best online MBA programs can be the right choice for you! Therefore, before making your decision, make sure it supports your career aspirations in the right way.

Explore All The Websites

Now that you have made your choice, it is time to go through all the top websites available for your preferred course. Each website has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Look through all these sites to make well-informed decisions. For instance, candidates looking for the best online MBA programs can opt for leading institutes like GGU, which offers MBA degrees with various specializations. 

Select According To Your Budget

One of the main things to look out for before choosing an online course is the fee structure of the course. There are plenty of paid courses available online, with different fee structures. Go through various websites and select the suitable one under your recognized budget. 

Look For Reviews

An effective way to check the authenticity of a course is by searching for reviews. Almost all websites have a specific section allotted for learners who give their feedback on the courses available on that site. Read them carefully and highlight all the negative and positive aspects. Once you have a clear idea of what you can expect from the course and how well it was perceived among students, you can easily decide.

Look For Certifications

Most online courses provide a certificate of completion for each of their students. However, some don’t. The value of certification is tremendous in today’s world. You can quite easily add that to your resume as an additional benefit. Therefore, always try to look for courses that provide official certification. It can be an extra boost when you apply for any position in an enterprise. In some cases, various online courses and programs also give learners the opportunity to interact with their classmates and professors. This, in turn, helps to boost socialization and get the hang of the multicultural learning environment. At GGU, we provide our students with on-campus immersion opportunities to supplement their online education with practical, on-premise experiences and boot camps. For more detailed information about the same, you should definitely check out the official website of Golden Gate University

If you are still in doubt about which course to go for, you always have the option to seek guidance from academic counsellors. You can provide them with all the relevant information, based on which they will offer your suggestions or advice on the course which can reap the maximum benefit for you and your career. 

Benefits Of Online Programs

Now that you clearly understand what factors to consider while selecting the right course for yourself let’s look at why online programs have become so popular in the past few years. 

Flexibility And Self-Paced Learning

Working full-time and studying simultaneously can sometimes seem too hectic. But what if you could manage both and still not get tired? Well, that is the beauty of online learning. Online programs give you enough flexibility to learn while working professionally and gathering work experience. Therefore, you no longer need to leave your office early or skip dinner with your close ones in order to attend physical classes. 

Furthermore, with online courses, you also get the opportunity to learn at your own pace. For some people, asking the teachers to repeat a particular question or explain a topic again can seem quite embarrassing. But that’s not the case with online programs. You can easily go back to previously taught subjects or even stop the lecture. Thus, learning becomes easy and equally effective. 

Better Time Management

Another benefit you can derive from an online course is the ability to manage your time efficiently. Since there is no specific time limit, you can easily create a study schedule at your convenience. This ability can prove to be quite useful, especially when you are working in a professional setting. No employer wants their employee to sit at their desk for long hours. Instead, employees are expected to complete any task or project in as little time as possible. Thus, these time management skills are valuable in an online degree program and are also deemed a potential asset by leading organizations.

One particular way to utilize your time effectively is by creating a day-to-day schedule where you can divide your work by hours. That way, you do not need to work and study continuously throughout the day, but you can also enjoy some free time of your own to engage in your favourite activities. Best online MBA programs enable you ample time to schedule your study time as per your convenience, making upskilling a hassle-free experience.


Earning an online degree highlights some of the most important qualities that recruiters constantly look for in their employees. These include multitasking, adapting to dynamic work conditions, and systematically setting priorities. Unlike physical classes, online courses give students the liberty to be proactive in completing assignments on time. Individuals are expected to learn on their own and be independent while simultaneously engaging with the materials that the instructors teach. 

A Global Perspective

Last but definitely not least, one crucial advantage of online learning is it widens your horizon of education. Be it the UK, the US, or any other country, you get to enjoy a broader perspective while simultaneously enhancing your cross-cultural understanding as well. Learners get the valuable opportunity to connect with other individuals from various parts of the world, collaborate with them, and enhance their virtual communication skills. 

What’s more? Talking with professionals from other countries might even spark creativity of your own. Online courses can be highly beneficial for those who want to start a business or become an entrepreneur since they learn how different countries adopt certain technologies or functions in a professional setting. Institutes such as San Francisco’s Golden Gate University offer various courses such as DBA, MBA and LLM, where candidates interact with learners and educators from all across the globe, allowing them to receive valuable lessons and the right exposure. 

Almost 80% of our professors are working professionals at some of the top companies worldwide. They help our learners to comprehend everything they need to know about the latest technologies and the various successful ways to put theory into practice. 


Hopefully, this has cleared all your doubts regarding how to find the right online program. While online courses have several advantages, there can also be certain limitations. As stated earlier, the best way to choose the perfect course is by thoroughly analysing and scrutinising online education portals to make a well-informed decision. 

If you’re hoping to explore online courses, Golden Gate University happens to offer a wide range of online courses!

Established in 1901, Golden Gate University is one of the top institutions in San Francisco that offers undergraduate and graduate programs across various fields. Whether business analytics, project management, or law, GGU has a catalogue of certified courses equipped to train learners towards a dynamic future. 

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Q1: What makes a program good?

Answer: Although there is no proper definition of a good program, there are certain criteria that every course needs to fulfil. First of all, it should be straightforward and easy for everyone to comprehend. Secondly, it should be flexible enough to understand the needs of the students applying for the course. Lastly, there should be a detailed explanation of what is and what is not a part of the program. Educational institutions such as GGU offer best online MBA programs, which is a reputable choice among learners.

Q2: Are online programs really effective?

Answer: Yes, online programs can undoubtedly be effective in fueling your career. Students obtain not only in-demand career skills but also gain valuable experience, which is beneficial for work life. A working legal professional seeking in-demand skills while working a full time job can go for an online LLM course. The course will not only boost their skill set, but also expose them to enormous lucrative opportunities in their relevant field of interest.

Q3: What are some of the valuable tips for online learning?

Answer: To make the most out of your online programs, here are a few steps you should follow

  • Learn to manage your time wisely. You can do so by creating a schedule and adhering to it strictly.
  • Designate a study space devoid of any distractions to focus effectively.
  • Be proactive in taking and submitting assignments on time.
  • Know when to seek help.


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